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SpriteFont Plugin Tutorial

Another quick tutorial.  This time for Lucid’s wonderful, but often miss-understood SpriteFont plugin.  The tutorial covers most of the plugins features and is aimed at anyone who hasn’t used or has had problems with SpriteFont in the past.

You’ll need Lucid’s SpriteFont plugin – DOWNLOAD

Here is the forum post on the Construct Forums – VIEW

And last but not least the tutorial itself – DOWNLOAD


Basic INI File Example

Another new tutorial for you guys.

This example shows how you can use an INI file to store your games information.  If you are not familiar with INI files there is a quick explanation in the comments in the cap.  The example covers the following:

  1. INI Object – Writing & Reading values (also INI file structure)
  2. Global Variables
  3. Changing a Sprites colour
  4. Edit Boxes
  5. Button Objects
  6. Dragging Sprites
  7. Rotating Sprites

The example is aimed at a beginner in construct and was made in Construct 0.99.97.


“Auto-tiling” Level Editor

Hey everyone!  Another new tutorial for you all.

This example is a simple level editor (no saving yet) that uses “Bitwise” numbers to automatically tile the level for you.  That means you just concentrate on placing  basic  blocks in the level editor and the editor will tile it correctly.

The example is based on this brilliant forum post on TigSource by Salt.  There is also an expanded version on Salt’s blog too that can be found here.  Before opening the example I suggest reading through the post as Salt explains how this works 1000 times better than I ever could.  This method is the same as how I was automatically tiling  the Cellular Automata levels in Conway.

This example is suitable for beginners and more advanced users and covers the following:

  1. “For Each” Loops
  2. Keyboard Controls
  3. Layer Visibility
  4. Snapping a “sprite cursor” to a grid
  5. Placing Objects
  6. Checking for collisions at offsets
  7. Private Variable
  8. Trigger Once

More information and the download link can be found in the full post. Read the rest of this entry

Basic Cave/Dungeon Generator

New tutorial for everyone.  This time we’re going to make a simple cave/dungeon generator. It is based on this example by subliminal on the TigSource forums.  Basically the generator picks a random direction either left/right/up/down every tick and creates a “floor” at the current position.  The example covers the following:

  1. Loops
  2. Random Numbers
  3. “For Each” loop
  4. Placing tiles
  5. Checking overlapping objects
  6. Zooming the Layout
  7. Sub Events
  8. Keyboard Controls

The tutorial is aimed at beginners and more advanced Construct users and was made with the current stable version of Construct 0.99.97.  The download link and some screenshots can be found in the full post. Read the rest of this entry

A Few Platform Snippets

Another cross-post from my games blog.  This time some useful example snippets for your  platform game.

Ceiling GrabbingDOWNLOAD

Character SwitchingDOWNLOAD

Wall slide and wall jumpingDOWNLOAD

Object PushingDOWNLOAD

Hope it helps you out.

Using the Image Manipulator for level loading

This example shows how you can use images and the Image Manipulator to load a level in an Arkanoid clone.  The example covers the following:

  1. Loops
  2. Using the Image Manipulator
  3. Private Variables
  4. Ball Behaviour
  5. 8 Directional Behaviour
  6. “For Each” Event

The example is suitable for beginners and more experienced users.  It is also only half a game.  There is no lives system, scoring system or a way to load a new level.  For practice you can add all this to the game and feel free to send me the results.  More information, screenshots and the download link can be found in the full post. Read the rest of this entry

SkullKoBan – Construct Tutorial Game

I thought I’d cross-post this from my games blog.

It’s a 1 level Sokoban clone called SkullKoBan.  I’ve commented all the events in as plain English as I can manage, which is some mean feat when I come from the North West of the UK :) .

A small note – I’m no Construct expert or programming deity so there may be things in the events that can be done easier, better or more efficient.  I just evented it to the best of my ability.

Oh and you’ll need to have Lucid’s wonderful SpriteFont plugin installed for it to work correctly, there is a link in GMG’s reply in the thread on the Construct forums.

It covers everything you’ll need to make a full game of your own.  Screen shots, YouTube video and the download link can be found in the full post. Read the rest of this entry

Beginner Example – Basic Scoring

Here is a quick example of basic scoring in Construct.  It covers the following areas.

  1. Basics of Global Variables
  2. Objects being clicked with the mouse
  3. Displaying the score
  4. Zeropadding a score e.g – 500 would be displayed as 00000500
  5. Making a score count upwards to the current score
  6. Checking the value of a global variable


The example is aimed at a beginner in Construct and was created using 0.99.97.

Request a tutorial

Currently I can’t think of a better way of doing requests for help.  There are no WordPress widgets to make requests and such, well not that I can see on the free hosted WordPress anyway.

So if you’d like to request help or suggest an idea for a tutorial you’d like to see, simply post a comment to this post.  You don’t have to register with WordPress or anything like that, so it should be easy and hassle free.

Until I can come up with something a little easier to do this kind or stuff, which may be move to paid hosting, this is the system I think I’ll run with for now.

Hopefully the next post will be a cool tutorial.

Hello World

Just a little bit of info about me and what I hope to achieve here.  I’m Minor78 or just plain old Minor on the Construct forums.  I’ve been wanting to make games since I was a kid.  I started out typing 1000′s of lines of BASIC on the Amstrad CPC which progressed to learning the basics of AMOS on the Amiga.  Unfortunately for me programming languages never really stick.  That was until I found Construct.  Now I’m no “Construct God” or anything like that but I am fairly capable of creating anything I put my mind to.

I’ve completed two games RogueLight and Memorized and you’re probably wondering why I haven’t made more.  Well my art sucks.  I spent ages making the most crude pixel art you’ll ever see.  Then after hours of staring blankly at it and trying to improve it, I get bored and frustrated and never actually move onto the stuff I’m pretty good at.  The Construct bit.

So until I can find a decent artist who’d like to make stuff with me I thought I’d focus on making some stuff in Construct that can:

  1. Have crappy developer art.
  2. Help out some newer users of Construct

So I hope you find something of use here.

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