“Auto-tiling” Level Editor

Hey everyone!  Another new tutorial for you all.

This example is a simple level editor (no saving yet) that uses “Bitwise” numbers to automatically tile the level for you.  That means you just concentrate on placing  basic  blocks in the level editor and the editor will tile it correctly.

The example is based on this brilliant forum post on TigSource by Salt.  There is also an expanded version on Salt’s blog too that can be found here.  Before opening the example I suggest reading through the post as Salt explains how this works 1000 times better than I ever could.  This method is the same as how I was automatically tiling  the Cellular Automata levels in Conway.

This example is suitable for beginners and more advanced users and covers the following:

  1. “For Each” Loops
  2. Keyboard Controls
  3. Layer Visibility
  4. Snapping a “sprite cursor” to a grid
  5. Placing Objects
  6. Checking for collisions at offsets
  7. Private Variable
  8. Trigger Once

More information and the download link can be found in the full post.Here is a very quick level I created in under 30 seconds.  It shows how it looks when you are creating the level, how it looks when it is tiled for you and how it looks with some grass tiles also added.  Remember this is all done for you.  You just place the simple white block in the level.


Simple level created in under 30 seconds.


How it looks when it is automatically tiled for you


How it looks with some nice grassy tiles also added



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Very lazy and not very talented wannabe freeware game developer.

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  1. I’m interested in creating an isometric map, is there a way to rotate the array to display correctly on a 45′ angle?

  2. Actually, let me be more specific. I am a 2d/3d artist who loves to spend time creating pixel art and I just really loathe any time I spend trying to learn programming/game creation programs. I understand how programming works, it just makes my brain turn to jelly. It’s not that I don’t like problem solving, I just have a comfort zone (which is decidedly art).

    I have a clear idea for a 2d, isometric turn-based tactical game ala x-com and I’d love to just knock out graphics for it, the problem is finding a programmer that can get on board with me. For an example of the graphics I can easily put out, go here, if you’re interested in any of this:


    • Hi Benji.

      Like the isometric ant. Unfortunately I’ve never tried anything isometric and I’m a bit of a numpty Maths-wise, which I’m guessing you need to create isometric views, gameplay, pathfinding & object sorting.

      Hope you find a coder that can help you with the game.

  3. Good to know, thanks anyway 🙂

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