Just a little bit of info about me and what I hope to achieve here.  I’m Minor78 or just plain Minor on the Construct forums.  I’ve been wanting to make games since I was a kid.  I started out typing 1000’s of lines of BASIC on the Amstrad CPC which progressed to learning the basics of AMOS on the Amiga.  Unfortunately for me programming languages never really stick.  That was until I found Construct.  Now I’m no “Construct God” or anything like that but I am fairly capable of creating anything I put my mind to.

I’ve completed two games RogueLight and Memorized and you’re probably wondering why I haven’t made more.  Well my art sucks.  I spent ages making the most crude pixel art you’ll ever see.  Then after hours of staring and trying to improve it, I get bored and frustrated and never actually move onto the stuff I’m pretty good at.  The Construct bit.

So until I can find a decent artist who’d like to make stuff with me I thought I’d focus on making some stuff in Construct that can:

  1. Have crappy developer art.
  2. Help out some newer users of Construct

If you would like to support Construct Tutorials please sign up to DropBox by clicking the link. You’ll get an extra 250mb of online storage space and also give me 250mb more space too. There are no waiting times or advertisements with Dropbox and you can share folders with your friends and family.

If you find a tutorial/example has helped you a quick comment would be appreciated or you can rate the post.

  1. Newton Sequeira

    Hi there,

    I liked you blog and I it seems like you do have a lot of experience with Construct.

    Could we connect as I have an interesting Book proposal to discuss with you.

    Do get in touch.


  2. Packt Publishing is an unprofessional joke. You’d be better off writing your own book and keeping all the profit for yourself, instead wasting your time with those classless, low-rent bozo’s.

  3. Someneed an Artist? Let me know.

  4. Would you happen to have an indept tutorial on creating a platform game from ground up?

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